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Troy Campell

What am I hoping to gain from ASMP, as a new member?


I’m hoping to gain insight into copyright infringement issues. The amount of infringement on my images has surprised and concerned me. It’s absolutely rampant. What do I enforce? What do I ignore?



Within my abilities, how can I add to photographic community?


I believe it is my responsibility to pay the way forward for the next generation of photographers. What I have seen happen to the photography industry in the past 10 years has been alarming. It seems like the entire industry has been in a race to the bottom. I’ve seen many competitors drastically lower their rates, agree to unreasonable shot counts, and sell their stock photos for fractions of what they used to. In my opinion, the level of respect for photographers and their creativity has been greatly diminished. I refuse to add to the problem. I am not a discount photographer, I do not lower rates and I’m not afraid to lose clients that are trying to take advantage. I truly believe that this business stance benefits the entire photographic community.



When shooting am I usually part of a team or given autonomy to achieve the final look?


It varies. Every shoot is different.


What keeps me passionate about being a photographic professional?


I love that photography is both art and science. You need some technical ability and some artistic ability to make magic happen. No two photographers have the same formula for making their images. Additionally, I love that photography assignments are isolated bursts of intense work and focus… and then you get to move on to something different.