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Taneeka Willis

“I am eager to learn new things… what better way to do so, then to be surrounded by so much inspiration!”


As a new member, what are you hoping to gain from joining ASMP?

I am hoping to gain several things. One being able to connect with established professionals and aspiring professionals such as myself. This is a never-ending learning industry and I am eager to learn new things as I take closer steps to becoming a professional photographer. And what better way to do so than to be surrounded by so much inspiration!



What keeps you passionate about becoming a photographic professional?

I have several future goals that I want to achieve in regards to my photography business. One for sure is establishing a studio and a team of other aspiring photographers to share the growth and my experience with. Photography, to me — as, I am sure, to anyone else who is serious about their career — is much more than taking images! It’s about capturing memorability, meeting new people, learning and growing and remaining coachable throughout those years. It’s just as important to run a photography business as it would be to run a shopping mall, and knowing that I could have my own business one day makes me look forward to tomorrow. I believe it is very imperative to stay passionate about something you love to make it work out for the best! I am never bored with photography.



Is there anything that you would like to share about your photographic endeavors/interests with the other members of ASMP?

Yes of course! I am looking to assist and connect with photographers in South Florida — and in the New York area, since I will be relocating to New York by the end of the year. I have knowledge of fashion and commercial photography, and I would love to exchange experiences and information pertaining to. When I am not shooting, I’m entertaining my dog, Miata, reading and enjoying life.


Taneeka Willis
T. La’Niece Photography
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