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October 2013 Board Meeting

ASMP Board Meeting
October 14th, 2013
311 NE 94TH ST.
Miami Shores, FL


In Attendance: Sandy Levy, Deborah Gray Mitchell, Kate Benson, Liz Dawes-Ordoñez, Vincent de Vries, Tom Salyer and Ron Glazer
Guests: Barbara Levy


Chair, Liz Dawes Ordoñez called meeting to order at 8:30 pm


Officer Updates: via on October 8, 2013 11:25:06 AM, Sid Hoeltzell wrote: “I will be sending in my letter of resignation shortly”


Gear Swap Meet
- Julie Barrionuevo listed the event on Craig’s list.
- Out of her own pocket, she will be baking & selling baked goods during the event and she will donate all proceeds to our Chapter.
- All Board members were asked to promote the event using the following link (flyers to follow via separate email)
- Liz proposed phone tree to encourage member participation


Liz made a motion that the food for evening programs has a dollar cap of $250. Sandy seconded. Vote passed.


Liz suggested Board produces six (6) programs per year plus socials and take July and August off like the rest of the chapters around the country. Vincent suggested Board produces four(4) programs a year instead. Kate stated that events to be produced should be initiated by the Board member with an interest in a topic and will chair the event, otherwise it won’t work.


Vincent will research a program by Lloyd Braithwaite (Corporate Performance Consultant at Dale Carnegie Training South Florida) for 2014.


George Kamper program is being worked on by Liz for April or May 2014.


Sandy will call Dan Forer about doing a program.


Sandy is the Chair for the CGI program with Walt Jones (January 28th 2014 is the date proposed to Walt.) Below are the expenses. Once an agreement is reached, the expenses must have a total in order for our chapter to approve.
Walt Jones wrote:
Looking at current airfare between LAX/MIA and hotel rates in the South Beach area, $750 is probably a reasonable “cap” for expenses including meals. With the $550 speaking fee, you’d be looking at $1300 total.


IMPORTANT: funds for this program must be paid from 2013 National Voucher funds. Sandy will take care of obtaining an invoice (and written agreement if any) with Walt. (Sandy: please include in agreement with Walt, language that protects chapter funds in case a full refund is needed.)


Location of Board Meetings

  • Sandy made a motion to have the next Board meeting at Tom’s. Kate second. Vote passed.

  • Sandy will speak with Ginny Dixon at the Miami ad school about having meetings there.

  • Vincent & Sandy proposed changing meeting venue to Miami and to stop promoting social time with food, drinks, etc.

  • Vincent proposed board meetings are separate and for board members only.

  • Deborah stated that for many years, past board members did not announce board meetings.

  • Liz disagrees with removing the social time before board meetings since it is through these socials that members have been encouraged to get involved & volunteer to help with the considerable production work for each events. These volunteers are the future Board Members and the meeting-social combo provides opportunity to prepare next chapter leaders.
    Liz also stated that there is intrinsic value in having the following:
    a) a default location & set date to avoid spending time coordinating where & when to meet
    b) a safe place to store chapter materials (books, magazine boxes, bins, promo materials, signs, paper goods, etc)
    c) a place large enough without many restrictions on food/drinks, etc.

  • The vote passed in March 2013 to give any board member the opportunity to change the venue of meeting under two conditions: A confirmed venue has to be proposed for a vote, during the current meeting, for the next meeting to be held in a NEW location AND the proponent of the change is responsible for coordinating the meeting tasks:

Prior to the Meeting:

  • Inform Donna that next meeting will NOT be held at TYE
  • Post meeting date, time & NEW location on calendar (send info to web master -Vincent)
  • Post on Facebook a PHOTO of previous meeting and with the meeting date, time & location
    -S end 3 email announcements to members via mass email: 7 days before, 1 day before, on the day of the meeting (Liz or person who motioned to move meeting location)
  • All members: Confirm you can use Skype to attend meeting and who you will link up with. Please don’t call Liz during the meeting
  • Confirm plans for refreshments


On the day of meeting:

  • All Board Members: Bring the meeting agenda emailed by Ron (Ron will NOT print copies)
  • Pick up refreshments (don’t forget ice) $50 budget (Donna if meeting at TYE)
  • Set up refreshments at venue
  • Set up tables & chairs
  • Set up directional signs
  • Write name tags for attendants
  • All Board Members: Take photos (with your phone if necessary) to use to promote next meeting


After the meeting:

  • Inform Donna if next meeting will or will NOT be held at TYE
  • Collect yard signs
  • Take directional signs with you if next meeting will not be at TYE
  • Make a note if name tags, paper goods or other items are running low
  • Put everything away in proper ASMP bins
  • Put chairs & tables away
  • Clean up
  • Further discussion about meeting venue and who should attend will continue on Yahoo group. Remember to make a motion if you want to change above process.


Vincent proposed a 2-day retreat. A show of hands was made to confirm those in favor = Vincent & Kate.


Year-end party discussion will be completed on Yahoo group. Need to know how much money is available after paying Walt Jones CGI.


Next meeting is November 12, 2013 at 7:30 PM at Tom’s.
Meeting adjourned 10:34 PM