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October 2012 Board Minutes


Monday, October 1, 2012

12345 West Dixie Hwy.

North Miami, FL  33161


Agenda/ Minutes _ Corrected

Call to Order: 7:40 o’clock p.m.

Roll Call of Members:  Sandy Levy, Kate Benson, Sid Hoeltzell, Liz Dawes-Ordonez, Deborah Gray Mitchell

Meeting Chair:  DGM

Others Present: Lorraine Boogich, Robert Stolpe, Chuck Fadely, Barbara Levy, Vincent de Vries, Paul Morris, Tom Salyer, Susan Pierres

Robert’s Rules of Order:  Adopt as our method of conducting chapter business  Motion by DGM , seconded and passed unanimously. It was decided to a general adherence, with emphasis if needed.

Reading and approval of last meeting’s minutes.  The minutes of the last meeting were read (silently by everyone) and approved.


Treasury Report  

In the absence of the acting-treasurer Mark Vacker, Kate Benson read the report he submitted recently via on-line communications:  

$3034 at ASMP National

$964 in the bank,

$59 in the cash box, 

$600 due from Ave 74 Gallery (out of which we owe commissions of $240 for prints sold at the Light of Florida show, $60 to Flashes of Hope, with the remaining $300 due to ASMP South Florida Chapter funds.)


Old Business:

     1. Election of Officers  The selection of officers is being postponed until after the Chapter Leadership training on 10/13/21. See minutes of last meeting

    2. Size of Board  Discussion was held that we need a greater number of members involved to successfully develop future events.

    3. Committee Formations and duties  Discussion ensued regarding formation of committees with the following committees suggested:  Programming (meetings), Sponsorship, Education, Communications, Motion, Web.  A motion was made and seconded to table committee names and functions to the next meeting. Passed unanimously.

   4. Chapter Leadership Training update Saturday, October 13, 2012 Sid’s studio

Motion made by Kate and seconded by Liz to set the budget to spend $10 per person on food/beverage. We are planning on up to 30 people but will reevaluate closer to October 13. Motion passed unanimously. Supplies needed:  flip chart/ easel, sharpies, name tags , and  DGM offered the studio projector as a back-up to the chapter’s projector. [It was not available]


5.  Copyright Program, Saturday, December 1, 2012, Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center, 8000 N. Ocean Drive, Dania Beach, FL  33004-3078

A motion was made by Liz to allocate up to $500 for travel expenses to/from Boston for Joe Naylor of “Image Rights” for our Copyright program on Dec 1, 2012  The motion was seconded by Sid and passed unanimously.

A motion was made by Sid and seconded by Sandy to hire a professional a/v person who can also provide mics and speakers.  Motion passed unanimously.  (thanks to Robert Stolpe for the sound reminder). 

A motion was made by Sid to allocate up to $2000 for the event to include the travel for Joe Naylor, A/V sound, food and beverage and promotion. The motion failed.

A motion was made by Liz to be moderator of Copyright event, seconded by Kate, no discussion, passed unanimously.  List of speakers can be found in info sent out by Liz.  

# of seats in the NOC auditorium is 82.  There will be 5 presenters seated in front with more chairs around the perimeter of the room 

Invitations will be sent to ASMP members exclusively.  If there are open seats, it will then be opened to the public.


6. Pints and Pixels or other social meeting

Sid led the discussion on Pints and Pixels. The next event will be tentatively scheduled for October 24th at Wood Tavern in Wynwood.  Since date may conflict with Photo Expo, other dates are being considered. Discussions about ramping up the event from just drinking beer and looking at each other’s work. Suggestions about bringing one’s favorite make up artist/ stylist/ assistant/ etc to bringing a time saving tip about something photographic. Liz suggested we hold these also in Broward and Palm Beach.


7.  Light of Florida update 


No one was in attendance from LOF to make a report, so we tabled it to next time.


New Business

    1. Projector Rental   A motion was made by Sid and seconded to discontinue renting the projector to anyone in the chapter.  Vote passed unanimously.  

   2. New Yahoo Group for Board/ communication between members of the board. No action on this. Board will continue with email communications for now.

   3. Future programs and locations

        a.  Deanne Delbridge    It was decided to consider this for after the first of the year.

        b.  ASMP week  It was decided to table this suggestion for now.  

        c.  Financial Planning Meetings   Tabled this for another meeting

        d.  Suggested meeting locations  Tabled this for another meeting.



Other new business  A motion was made, seconded and passed to appoint Vincent de Vries as the chapter’s new web master.  


The meeting was adjourned at 10:22 pm.  


Submitted by Deborah Gray Mitchell