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November 2013 Board Minutes

ASMP South Florida

Board of Directors’ Meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013

TYE Studios

3704 SW 30 Ave., Ft Lauderdale, Fl. 33312


Call to Order:   8:08 pm

Present: Liz Dawes-Ordonez electronically , Ron Glazer, Tom Salyer, Kate Benson,  Deborah Gray Mitchell,  Vincent DeVries

Absent:  Sid Hoetzell,  Sandy Levy

Guests: Pascal Depuhl, Ben Rusnak, Brian Szeliga, Dave Murray, Appline Cooper, Mike Cushman, Andi Meriuta

Last month minutes:  Approved

Treasurers Report:  Tom Salyer

Current balance of all chapter funds $1335.19, which includes our bank account of $855.67 as of Nov. 12 2013

Voucher funds from national 4431.81 , voucher mailed Nov. 12, 2013

Petty cash  $12.00

Grant:  0.00

Outstanding income:  Debtor name Liz Dawes-Ordonez , Nov. 4, 2013 for a check for eventbright as SEO/LR webinar,  amt. $35.71

New Business: 


Kate makes a motion to spend up to a hundred dollars on two adaptors for our computer

Deborah makes a motion to price out what we need before we appropriate money.   Sandy seconds. Voted on and passed.

Sandy  makes a motion to get a gift card to Cosco for future meetings

Sandy’s motion and Kates motion tabled for now

Membership Report:  Sandy Levy

Membership is steady

Sandy can use some help with eventbright tickets for Walt Jones,  start promoting it in December.

We will put it on the calendar,  event date is January 28, 2014,  food will up to $250.00

Ticket prices will be the same as last time for the SEO event.

Vincent will do artwork for a poster for Walt.

Pascal will set up eventbright technicsl part.

Dan Forer,  Sandy will call to schedule him for March 2014

Arnold Crane,  Sandy will contact him about the seminar

April/May will be George Kemper

Pascal will talk to Rick Tuttle,   about a word press workshop for June

Help Portrait,  we have six volunteers for the event.

In lieu of a meeting , a year end party will be held , Tues,  Dec. 10.  Kate will investigate possible locations

Ben Rusnak will help get the Seth Resnick event going in the Palm Beach area

Old Business - none

Meeting adjourned 9:14

Prior to the Meeting: 

-Post meeting date, time & location on calendar (Vincent) 

-Post on Facebook a PHOTO of previous meeting and with the meeting date, time & location  

-Send 3 email announcements to members via mass email: 7 days before, 1 day before, on the day of the meeting (Liz or person who motioned to move meeting location) 

-All members: Confirm you can use Skype to attend meeting and who you will link up with. Please don't call Liz during the meeting 

- Confirm plans for refreshments

On the day of meeting:

-All Board Members: Bring the meeting agenda emailed by Ron (Ron will NOT print copies) 

-Pick up refreshments (don't forget ice) $50 budget (Donna if meeting at TYE)

-Set up refreshments at venue 

-Set up tables & chairs 

-Set up directional signs 

-Write name tags for attendants

-All Board Members: Take photos (with your phone if necessary) to use to promote next meeting

After the meeting: 

-Inform Donna if next meeting will or will NOT be held at TYE 

-Collect yard signs

-Take directional signs with you if next meeting will not be at TYE

-Make a note if name tags, paper goods or other items are running low 

-Put everything away in proper ASMP bins 

-Put chairs & tables away

-Clean up