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November 2012 Board Minutes

ASMP South Florida minutes

november 09, 2012


Meeting called to order 7:50 pm on 11/09/2012.  

Meeting held at 12345 West Dixie Studio and Gallery.

Present:  Sid, Kate, Sandy, Deborah and Liz
via Google+Hangout.

Others:  Pascal, Ron Glazer, Vincent de
Vries, Bill Walker, Gabby Pimentel, Alfred Holland, Cas Bernard, Barbara Levy,
Andriana Mereuta

Officers appointed:
President:  Liz

accepted appointment under one condition: each board member will go
 directly to Liz when they have an issue, instead talking about it to
someone else. All Board members present agreed to this condition.

Secretary: Deborah
Treasurer: Tom
Web Master: Vincent


Final details of copyright event were discussed and
individual tasks were assigned. Kate would
talk to Robert Stolpe about getting promo
materials and do a Costco run to buy snacks.

Discussion of talking to Capture Integration
about cross promoting events, we promote his Fall Open House on the 30th and he
promotes our Copyright Seminar at the event.

Board members agreed to call all of membership
to touch base, Kate would make a script and divide up members list for phone
calls to touch base.

We talked about upcoming events, Bill Kramer,
Richard Kelly, Pascal's motion event, Event at Ad School for Darrel's award.
Dec 11th next board meeting, second tuesday set as official board meeting day,
at 7pm. Location floats. We voted on officers and to have a floating board

All volunteers were asked to email Liz to be placed on
Volunteer roster.

Meeting adjourned
at unrecorded time.