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Meet ASMP member Chris Odom!

member Chris Odom! Chris specializes in Marine Photography and is based in
gorgeous Ana Maria Island. He shared a bit about himself for our Member Spotlight

interview with Lorraine Boogich.





Chris recently rejoined ASMP after he realized the benefits of membership.


Having access to a network of professional photographers is the key to survival. ASMP
offers a chance to network and seek advice from the guys that are making things
happen in the photo industry. A very valuable resource


Like many of our members, he understands the value of an active photographic community.

"My biggest contribution to the photographic community is answering questions and sharing information related to technology and workflow."


What keeps Chris passionate about his work?



"Technology. No question. This is a great time to be an image maker and in the photography business. I love finding ways to use cutting edge tech to tell a story from a
different point of view or in a way that was not possible before. For example,
I am heavily involved in using UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle). This technology
allows me to create a new point of view and tell a story from an angle that was
not possible before…. “I am also a huge fan of mobile phone photography.
Although the image quality is still evolving, it will eventually catch up and
we will have as good or better quality inside our phones as we do with our
current DSLRs. I think we are at the same point in time with mobile phone
photography as we were when the first DSLRs came out. Remember the Nikon
NC2000? “



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