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May 2013 Board Minutes

ASMP South Florida
Board of Directors' Meeting
Tuesday, May 14, 2013
TYE Studios
3704 SW 30 Ave., Ft Lauderdale, Fl. 33312

Call to Order: 8:21 pm

Present: Liz Dawes-Ordonez, , Ron Glazer Tom Salyer, Vincent de Vries, Sandy Levy

Absent: Sid Hoetzell, Deborah Gray Mitchell, Kate Benson

Guests: Jerry Rabinowitz, Jose Vidaurre, Sylvia Arbelaez, Kirk Francis, Al Holland, Michael Cushman

Last month minutes: Approved

Treasurers Report: 
• Tom Salyer reported that we have $931.58

New Business: 
• Vincent 
Motion: Vincent motioned that we do a portfolio review for students and anyone interested. Liz seconded, Motion Passed.

Review will be done by ASMP members and some outside art directors may be invited.
Vincent will develop the idea more.

• ASMP will have a call to all members for photography to promote events and seminars and ASMP. Vincent will make the decision as to which images are accepted.
• We would like to bring the Blake Discher program in September.
• We would like to do an appreciation dinner for past presidents.


Motion: Liz motioned that we have a formal event appreciation dinner for past Presidents and/or social for past Presidents, leaders and volunteers. Formal dinner voted down. Social for past Presidents , leaders, and volunteers, vote Passed.

Motion: Liz made a motion to have a Lightroom Webinar. Ron seconds. Proposed date is Thurs. June 24, 2013. Motion passed.
Webinar will be promoted on facebook , cost will be $20.00 - $30.00.

• ASMP social will be the week of June 15 at Stouts Irish Bar and Grill in Oakland Park.

Next BOD meeting will be at Apeture Studios in Miami

Prior to the Meeting: 
-Post meeting date, time & location on calendar (Vincent) 
-Post on Facebook a PHOTO of previous meeting and with the meeting date, time & location 
-Send 3 email announcements to members via mass email: 7 days before, 1 day before, on the day of the meeting (Liz or person who motioned to move meeting location) 
-All members: Confirm you can use Skype to attend meeting and who you will link up with. Please don't call Liz during the meeting 
- Confirm plans for refreshments

On the day of meeting:
-All Board Members: Bring the meeting agenda emailed by Ron (Ron will NOT print copies) 
-Pick up refreshments (don't forget ice) $50 budget (Donna if meeting at TYE)
-Set up refreshments at venue 
-Set up tables & chairs 
-Set up directional signs 
-Write name tags for attendants
-All Board Members: Take photos (with your phone if necessary) to use to promote next meeting

After the meeting: 
-Inform Donna if next meeting will or will NOT be held at TYE 
-Collect yard signs
-Take directional signs with you if next meeting will not be at TYE
-Make a note if name tags, paper goods or other items are running low 
-Put everything away in proper ASMP bins 
-Put chairs & tables away
-Clean up 

Old Business: None

Meeting Adjourned at 9:26pm