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June 2013 Board Minutes

ASMP South Florida
Board of Directors' Meeting
Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Aperture Studios 7360 SW 41 St.
Miami, FL 33155

Call to Order: 7:48pm

Roll Call of Members: Tom Salyer, Vincent De Vries, Deborah Grey Mitchel, Kate Benson, Sandy Levy, Liz Dawes-Ordonez

Others Present: Barbara Levy

Meeting Chair: Liz Dawes-Ordonez

Minutes from last meeting update: Minutes posted to yahoogroups

Officer Updates: none
Old Business
Treasurer's Report - Tom Salyer: 

1. Funds in Bank ASMP South Florida today $ 975.00 , once one outstanding voucher is paid, we will have $ 1505
2. Voucher Funds available from National for 2012 $ 0 estimated as last voucher report was for april ( when national pays the voucher I mailed last week, we will have used all of 2012 monies, finally)
3. Voucher Funds available from National for 2013 $ 4741 estimated as last voucher report was for april (re. our 2013 total beginning at $4780)
4. Pending expenses (such as $1,250 for reunion and any other unpaid bills) none other than reunion
5. Foundation Grant none

Vice President – Kate Benson:

Website/Social Media Committee - Vincent De Vries 

For the Meeting Minutes
ASMP South Florida Website:
start using instead of !!

Done so far:
- Constant manual calender updates, directly updated in `Upcoming Events' column
- Automatic Facebook feed in the `News' column
- `New Member' interviews in `Spotlight Features' Column (manually)
- Large, rotating, images a top of the page, incl link to photog web and FAP
- Re-instalment of the blog (now within the website page design), added to menu
- social media icons added to the menu for more visabilty and access 
- Added partners to the menu: "Our Partners" links to asmp benefits page
- Individual logos link to partners website. These open in a new page in the browser. (tried to keep that within our page but is to small and messy)
- research access twitter-account. No success

- Webmaster: Vincent de Vries, 
vincent@vincentdevriesphoto.com786 797 7674

- Pete Dyson at national is the source and knowledge.

- Social Media:

- Facebook page: Basically the whole board has access to admin roles
- Linkedin group: Liz Dawes-Ordoñez,
- Twitter: Unknown at this point, under investigation
Notes from discussion on Website report: We need more activity on Facebook, so moving forward we would like all members (especially board members) to go and “Like” activity. We also want to put a call out to our membership requesting blog posts from them. There is always a concern to not look self serving but we want to promote out members and so we are enthusiastic to hear about what they are up to and blog about it. All submitted blog posts will require review and approval, and submitting a post does not equal a promise that it will be posted.

New Business
Membership Committee - Sandy Levy:


Sandy Levy, Membership Chairman
ASSOCIATE: 41 (40 last month)

EMERGING ASSOC: 19 (18 last month)

GENERAL: 73 (72 last month)

INDIVIDUAL AFFILIATE: 5 (5 last month)

LIFE: 20 (20 last month)

STUDENT: 80 (74 last month)

MERIT: 0 (0 last month)

ASSOCIATE PLUS: 8 (8 last month)

TOTAL MEMBERS: 246 (237 last month) (+16 from one year ago, 6% increase in members from one year ago) 

NOTE: Exciting events are an excellent way to attract new members. I am looking forward to the ASMP South Florida Reunion because many former members will be attending, and I intend to speak with each of them about once again joining ASMP. I feel certain that I will be able to recruit some new members.

OBSERVATIONS: Our membership is up from last month, but down from one year ago. However the trend is now upward. Last month, we lost 25 student members from the previous month. This month, we gained 6 student members. Traditionally, only about 8% to about 10% of the student members continue with ASMP once they are finished with school. As a result, our student membership numbers fluctuate much more than the other categories of membership. This has been of concern to me but I have not been able to find a way to retain these members. Many students join because a professor requires it and then let their membership lapse once it is no longer required. We have been dealing with this ever since I signed up the first student members to our chapter, in the early 1980's. Many Art Institute and Ringling students go on to other careers such as graphic design, while others leave the state and if they do continue with ASMP, they join another chapter. Whatever we do to attract and retain new members in other categories, should also be able to retain student members. In this case, I do not believe that the issue is with us, but rather with the mindset that student members have. And I am not criticizing them! ASMP fills a need at the time that they are students. Since many join for the wrong reason (required by professor) or it is a low-cost way to check out ASMP, it is understandable why so few continue. This is why I have stated before while we need to recruit students, our main efforts should be to recruit and retain members in other categories.

Social Committee - Kate Benson 

Blake Discher
Blake our grant was approved and now we can move forward with planning the event

The majority of Board Members who replied [2/19/13] would like to see Blake's new SEO program
Team Participants: TBC 
Event Date if Applicable: TBC 

Project's Stage: Proposal Stage 

BRIEF description:
Attend and find out:
• Why SEO is relevant and important for your business
• How social networks have impacted search algorithms used by popular search engines including Google & Bing
• Developing a solid strategy to get found online Why incorrect link-exchanges can hurt you
• How good SEO practices can be applied and help you grow your customer base on social networks

SEO program cost = $1,500. + air & hotel near airport about $150 if someone can transport Blake to and from the airport to the venue. 
May be suitable for an ASMP Foundation grant

- Liz Dawes-Ordonez - President

Project Name: Reunion 
STAGE: Pre-Production & Promotion 
Team Participants: All Board Members
Event Date: TUE June 18th, 2013

DESCRIPTION: Gathering to reunite present & past Chapter leaders. 

For full details visit

Dennis with Electric Avenue will bring gift cards. Not sure how many or how much $. He will staple two drink tickets to an EA post card which will be given out upon arrival. He will also have pre-made VIP club cards to shop at EA. 

Max Budget: $1,250. ($975 max on food & drinks, $59 Tax, $200 tip) We will pay for redeemed drink tickets only. Accurate head count through RSVP is important.
Food: Banger bites, seared yellow tuna, spinach artichoke cheese dip, grilled chicken quesadillas, smoked fish dip, grilled chicken wings, four cheese & tomato flatbread, corned beef flatbread, steak onion & blue cheese flat bread.
Drinks: Well liquor, domestic beers & house wines. Liz will call in final head count the weekend prior to the event. 

Call to Action: All Board Members,

*** TOM: Your help is needed to expedite payment or reimbursement of these funds. We have about $900 in the bank. 

1. Please promote through private phone calls & emails especially on Father's day weekend, MON & TUE prior to event. 

2. Need volunteer to help put together movies and photos onto flashdrive(s)
Have not received ANY photos or videos at all. Just talk of them. 

3. Please plan to arrive by 6pm at venue 


Project Name: Lightroom Webinar

Team Participants: Liz

Event Date: THR June 20th - TIME: 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM 

Project's Stage: Pre-Event production

Brief Project Description: 
A Lightroom Webinar online by Gerard Murphy of Mosaic Storage Systems, Inc. 

For details visit : (public event) 

-16 tickets issued to date. 1 paid
- Gerard will choose interface based on attendance
- Q&A via text messaging during the presentation may be available
- FREE to all members & $7 to any Non-members 
- COST to our Chapter: $20-$30 to promote on FB

Call to Action: All Board Members, please promote on all social media on TUE 6/18 & WED 6/19 and THR 6/20 prior to event. 


Project Name: Populating the ASMP So FL event calendar for 2013
Team Participants: All Board Members 

Event Date if Applicable: Jul, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec.

Brief description of Project: THE BIG IDEA: Rather than our Board producing & funding events, we should partner with events that are already being funded by other associations or companies. We will provide our support through promotion to our members and non-member in our roster plus volunteers. 

Current Stage: Proposal 

CALL TO ACTION by Board Members: Let's begin discussion online and make concrete decisions at TUE 6/11 Board meeting


Project Name: ASMP Table Cover 

Brief description of Project: The 8 foot black table cover was ordered thru Impact Imagery with logo 
Current Stage: Production 

CALL TO ACTION by Board Members: None


MISCELLANEOUS Pending Board Business: 

- We won't have a Board Meeting in JULY but we will continue to keep an eye out for events produced by others which are beneficial to our members; we can promote those online and send mass emails to invite 

- Any news on CGI event: No new news on CGI event.

- Update on Website? VINCENT: Thank you for the good work & keeping us informed via yahoo. Please write your report to memorialize the work through Meeting Minutes which keep our members informed. 

- SEPT. - We'll be back to wrap up Blake's SEO program 

- OCT. - TEN Portfolio Review at Ai - waiting to hear from Ai) 

- NOV. - Seth in Palm Beach ??

- DEC. - Art Basel piggyback event. I visited with Electric Avenue's owner on THR 7/6 in MIA. He has big plans for partnering with ASMP. They are an Art Basel sponsor. Their venue has potential for different events (gallery installation, meetings, parties, seminars, photo workshops, etc.) and they want us to use their space as much as we need it. They are also looking for ideas to produce an event in their 320 degree cyclorama. 

Kate has been in touch with Tom

Carabasi at Ringling College and started discussions of doing events with them. Also we promoted (although last minute because of when the email was viewed) their Explorer of Light lecture Wed, Feb 6th on our Website, Facebook and email blast. So far ideas that have been touched on are 1. bringing the copyright seminar video over and having a viewing, 2. having upper level membership offer portfolio reviews for student members, and 3. having Ringling host LOF. Richard: 39 members on west coast. 16-17 are Ringling students. Most students seem to only do required events. However, other west coast members were super excited to hear from Richard. They don't want to come over to the East coast for meetings but may will come for events and seminars. The idea of a Ft. Myers event was well received. Richard wants to do a pints and pixels in Ft. Myers in summer. Board members will try and come over for it. 

• Job title
• Job objective or overall purpose statement
• Description of the broad function and scope of the position
• List of duties or tasks performed critical to success
• Key functional and relational responsibilities in order of significance
• Description of the relationships and roles within the society, including leadership positions, subordinating roles and other working relationships
Additional Items for Job Descriptions 

• Job specifications, standards, and requirements
• Job schedule & location if any where the work will is performed
• Equipment to be used in the performance of the job
• Budget allocated by Chapter or National if any for this job
• Any other descriptions or information that will assist someone complete the job
Proper Language in Description
Keep each statement in the job description crisp and clear:

• Structure your sentences in classic verb/object and explanatory phrases. For example, a sentence pertaining to the description of a volunteer might read: "Greets guests in a friendly manner."
• Always use the present tense of verbs.
• If necessary, use explanatory phrases telling why, how, where, or how often to add meaning and clarity (e.g. "Collects all funds at society functions.")
• Use unbiased terminology. For example, use the he/she approach or construct sentences in such a way that gender pronouns are not required.
• Avoid using adverbs or adjectives that are subject to interpretation such as "frequently," "some," "complex," "occasional," and "several."

– Deborah Gray Mitchell – Board Member

No report this meeting

AI committee – no report

Prior to the Meeting: 
-Post meeting date, time & location on calendar (Vincent) 
-Post on Facebook a PHOTO of previous meeting and with the meeting date, time & location 
-Send 3 email announcements to members via mass email: 7 days before, 1 day before, on the day of the meeting (Liz or person who motioned to move meeting location) 
-All members: Confirm you can use Skype to attend meeting and who you will link up with. Please don't call Liz during the meeting 
- Confirm plans for refreshments

On the day of meeting:
-All Board Members: Bring the meeting agenda emailed by Ron (Ron will NOT print copies) 
-Pick up refreshments (don't forget ice) $50 budget (Donna if meeting at TYE)
-Set up refreshments at venue 
-Set up tables & chairs 
-Set up directional signs 
-Write name tags for attendants
-All Board Members: Take photos (with your phone if necessary) to use to promote next meeting

After the meeting: 
-Inform Donna if next meeting will or will NOT be held at TYE 
-Collect yard signs
-Take directional signs with you if next meeting will not be at TYE
-Make a note if name tags, paper goods or other items are running low 
-Put everything away in proper ASMP bins 
-Put chairs & tables away
-Clean up 

Close: 9:08pm