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January 2013 Board Minutes

ASMP South Florida Board of Directors’ Meeting

Tuesday, January 8, 2013
TYE Studio
3704 SW 30th Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale,FL  33312


Call to Order: 7:47 o’clock p.m.

Roll Call of Members:  Liz Ordonez, Kate Benson, Sid Hoeltzell, Deborah Gray Mitchell, Vincent de Vries, and Sandy Levy via electronic connection

Meeting Chair: Liz Ordonez      

Others Present: Donna Peplin, Matt Pace, Paul Morris, Ron Glazer, Billy Walker, George Kamper, Jessica Alva, Michael Cushman, Richard Grant, Sabrina Vides, Gaby Pimentel, Alejandro Llaque, Mark Chen, Franklin Montenegro

Reading and approval of last meeting’s minutes.

December minutes were read and approved.  DGM asked to be replaced as secretary.  DGM will bring minutes up-to-date ASAP. Kate Benson took over as interim secretary.

Treasury Report Tom Salyer was not present but he will email a report to the Board of Directors.  ASMP National granted our request to carry over our unspent funds from 2012.  As of 2-06-13, we did not have a report from Tom. No report to be filed with these minutes. Tom still waiting for national to deliver bank account pin number so he can access information.

Fundraising/Sponsorship Committee Created:

Following a discussion on sponsorship, Kate Benson made a motion to start a fundraising and sponsorship committee.  The motion was seconded and approved. Billy Walker accepted the roll of committee head. Ron Glazer offered to work with Billy saying he could send us a list of sponsors and letter from his other organizations to give us a starting point. . Sandy Levy offered to draft a letter for sponsorship so Billy wouldn’t be trying to do this all by himself.

Old Business:

     1.  Bill Cramer Meeting Jan 26, 2013  The Bill Cramer meeting will be held at TYE Studios.  Several have already signed up for the portfolio review. Vince and Sid will handle AV and they have volunteered Tom Salyer to handle the sound.

     2.  Light of Florida update  Matt Pace said he thought the website was poor and that Photoshelter is being considered, they would like to pursue the Ringling Museum for the next exhibit. He also mentioned contacting Tom Palmer of the Art of Seeing to inquire about printing the LOF book. Kate Benson offered to contact Ringling photo department and begin a conversation with him about LOF. Matthew said Fine Arts Committee is still hoping to create a book of LOF.

New Business

1.  Richard Kelly program No date set yet.

2.  Seth Resnick Program Canon attendance target is 300 AND requires a guaranteed minimum of over 100 guests.  Liz & Sandy working on getting more people to event.

3.  Jorge’s presentation Discussion of Jorge’s email offering to do a presentation was made. Conclusion was there were too many people with schedule conflicts to give Jorge a date and we needed him to tell us when he could host the presentation.

4. Gaby Pimentel gave report on progress on connecting Art Institute with ASMP. She spoke with Mr. Howard (Media Gallery) who gave permission to post announcement around school. ASMP materials were placed in his office to distribute to Photo & Video students.

5. Sabrina Vides gave report about creating a Facebook page for Ai student member volunteers 

Meeting Adjourned: 9:30pm