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February 2013 Board Minutes


ASMP South Florida
Board of Directors’ Meeting
Tuesday, February 12, 2013
TYE Studio/ 3704 SW 30th Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL  33312


Call to Order: 7:19 PM

Roll Call of Members: Kate Benson, Liz Dawes-Ordoñez, Vincent deVries, Deborah Gray Mitchell

Others Present: Billy Walker, Ron Glazer, Rich Grant, Jason Gordon, Alejandro Llaque, Andi Mereuta, Nick Monaw, Pilar Chaves, Kas Bernard, Michael Cushman, Donna Peplin, Gabby Pimentel

Meeting Chair: Kate Benson

Minutes from last meeting update: Minutes posted to yahoogroup on Thursday, Feb 7th after 24 hours for approval/review time.

Officer Updates: Kate new interim secretary.
Billy Walker new head of Fundraising/Sponsorship Committee.

Treasurer's Report (Tom Salyer):

as of our 1/31/2013 bank statement:

we have 934.15 in the bank once i have a working atm card and pin number, and deposit 137.64 outstanding from liz from event brite for copyright collections online we will have 1071.79 in the bank.

we are owed 317.71 from national for the bill cramer seminar refreshments
this does NOT come from our annual allotment funds

i do not have a the 2013 allotment total, nor an exact amount liz talked national
into allowing us to hold over unused from 2012 … liz?[Per Liz: Christine Chandler ASMP bookkeeper confirmed the 2012 balance carried over is $815.89]

latest status re. Citibank
1) they promise today to send me within two days another token generator to access the account on line

2) a different department promised me today to overnight by tomorrow a PIN for our atm card
(so I can deposit liz's check, etc)

3) the mailing address has allegedly been changed from Kate to mine, as of today

Membership Committee (Sandy Levy):
LIFE: 19
MERIT:   2
TOTAL MEMBERS: 272  (-24 from one year ago, 8% drop in members from one year ago)

NOTE:  Our chapter has a larger percentage of student members than most other chapters.  We actually have more Student Members than General Members.   And we have more student Members than all categories of Associate Members combined (Emerging Assoc, Assoc, and Assoc Plus).  This was not the case in past years.  Student members traditionally have an extremely high rate of dropping out once they are no longer students.  From past experience, we have found that less than 10% of student members renew their memberships once out of school.   This is troubling to me because we add Student Members and we try to cater to Student Members but the attrition rate is exceptionally high.  I do feel we should continue to recruit Student Members, but NOT at the expense of doing what is necessary to increase and to keep our Associate and General Members involved with ASMP.  10% of our Student Members will be our competition in the years to come, but what about the large number of Generals/Associates who are no longer interested in being members.  And what about the huge number of working pro photographers in S. Florida who are not ASMP members? Personally, I believe in recruiting Student Members.  When I joined ASMP in 1981 there were zero Student Members.  I caught a lot of flak when as Membership Chairman 25 years ago I recruited our first Student Members.  But now I believe that our focus needs to be reapportioned to equally recruit new Generals and Associates and to keep those Generals and Associates we have as members of ASMP.

Membership meeting comments: Why are so many students leaving after graduation? Art Institute teachers give extra credit to students who join, some only join for the extra credit and have no interest otherwise (hence leave after graduation). Some students come to network. Kas: “seminars/education alone are worth the cost of membership”. Other benefits include the mentorship.

Website/Social Media Committee (Vincent DeVries): 
Actual active situation:
1. website
2. facebook
3. blog is on hold

All other outings are unclear for me; Twitter, websites owned by Parra about LOF and other projects. I don't have any access to those. 

Ideal situation is a more active combo of web and blog in one as opposed to the very rigid design of the national provided website. This is not likely to get changed though.

I don't see the point to update a website and a blog with the same info (that’s where we are now).
If we are going to start using the blog again we're facing some issues:
-who's willing to deliver content on a regular (weekly?) basis
-blog needs a serious and safe re-design

Facebook should be very much alive and I believe in more input from the very active members apart from the board, with the help of a simple rulebook to avoid situations as happened with Vacker

Got comments about the actuality of the info. I believe all info is up to date.

Also, I was just updating the asmp calendar with some outside-us events. When I wanted to create those events as well on FB I realized that it seems that we produce them. This is mainly because it'll create with our logo (BTW the same goes for asmp calendar). Lets try and come up with ideas to fix this.
Per Liz: since we are adding a links on our calendar which re-directs viewers to event hosts, it is OK if we add to our calendar events which we believe are useful and of interest to our members.

Meeting Website comments:
Bill Kramer, logo confusing because it says 2012-2013 so it seems out of date. Should just be 2013.
Our site is totally up to date now. We should add non-ASMP items to our calendar if they seem relevant to our members. Any member can suggest events, just email to Liz and or the board for approval and Liz/board will ask Vincent to post it. When posting on Facebook about an event, make sure to put date of the event up and day of the week. Twitter use debated. Twitter use during events relevant and good idea. Social media is for real time use. Liz asked all members to promote ASMP events on their own personal social outlets. Nick suggested using “Buffer” a program that promotes to 10 different sites at once. There are free and paid versions with different benefits. Vincent will submit a wish list to Pete Dyson at National of things he wants addressed.
Gabby will be helping Vincent by Tweeting for the chapter. Kas is willing to help Vincent with creating and submitting blog content. Lorraine is also interested in collaborating. New idea, any member may write a blog post and if it is approved we will give them credit for it and a link to their website.

Social Committee (Kate Benson):
Call a vote on snack budget for monthly meetings.

How did everyone like the Field after the seminar?
Liz motioned to vote on up to $50/month snack budget for meetings.
Deborah seconded the vote. Vote passed.

Past Barry setups, what was spent, where did they find the table for snacks, were there issues with alcohol being served, etc?
National gives us $200 for snacks for national sponsored events and Barry has tables, chairs, etc for the event already.
Considering this, for Richard Kelly, what is the snack budget?
$200 from national.

I’m looking for suggestions on the next Pints and People, comments from the last one were that the location was wrong for it.
Ideas could be to overlap Pints and People with the Art Walk or another event, maybe hosting one up north and another one on the West Coast.

Meeting social comments: Tables kill the mingling at any pints and pixels (or people) events.
At all social events tables kill the mood a bit.
Downtown Miami on 2nd and 20th a possible location for social event. Also the W in Ft. Lauderdale, America’s Backyard near Las Olas, and the new Calumet space suggested.

Sponsorship/Fundraising Committee (Billy Walker):
See his handout.

Meeting Sponsorship comments: Bill put together sponsorship package with different levels of sponsorship. Ron is on his committee with him. Ron said in his former fundraising days for other organizations no one sent cash, they sent gifts that they raffled/gave away. No soliciting any businesses that sponsor ASMP nationally! Need to know our websites traffic and numbers to present to sponsors. Billy was asked to contact Pete for stats.

Education Committee (Liz Dawes- Ordoñez,):
Working on a chapter manual, have been given examples from other national ASMP chapters but need the following information from each chapter leadership roll:

What to Include
Job descriptions typically include:

 Job title
 Job objective or overall purpose statement
 Description of the broad function and scope of the position
 List of duties or tasks performed critical to success
 Key functional and relational responsibilities in order of significance
 Description of the relationships and roles within the society, including leadership positions, subordinating roles and other working relationships

Additional Items for Job Descriptions

 Job specifications, standards, and requirements
 Job schedule & location if any where the work will is performed
 Equipment to be used in the performance of the job
 Budget allocated by Chapter or National if any for this job
 Any other descriptions or information that will assist someone complete the job
Proper Language in Description
Keep each statement in the job description crisp and clear:

 Structure your sentences in classic verb/object and explanatory phrases. For example, a sentence pertaining to the description of a volunteer might read: "Greets guests in a friendly manner."
 Always use the present tense of verbs.
 If necessary, use explanatory phrases telling why, how, where, or how often to add meaning and clarity (e.g. "Collects all funds at society functions.")
 Use unbiased terminology. For example, use the he/she approach or construct sentences in such a way that gender pronouns are not required.
 Avoid using adverbs or adjectives that are subject to interpretation such as "frequently," "some," "complex," "occasional," and "several."

- Liz : “Students are the fastest growing group of members in our Chapter. They are also working hard to make our Chapter events a success. Liz proposes dedicating a TUE night to students or creating special events for them such as a Q&A time for specific topics with more experienced Members being part of the panel.”

Fine Arts Committee (Matthew Pace): Not present 

Chapter Events (Liz Dawes- Ordoñez):
Richard Kelly's event
Seth Resnick’s event
Board members “what event would you like to create”? updates:
 Sid: crawfish party
 Deb:  Big name photographer
 Kate: Pints & People, Peter Lik?
 Sandy: Estimating
 Vincent: Marketing & promoting

Meeting calendar comments: Liz has been compiling a list of everyone who has attended a meeting or event since Nov. she suggested a phone tree. For Richard Kelly’s event, Liz will send Deborah the volunteers list she has and the task sheet she made for Copyright seminar. Possible co-chairs for Seth Resnick’s event = Sid & Vincent

Committee Reports:
 Gaby: Ai Committee Ai offered rooms for use, Gabby submitted pictures to Liz and Kate. Two rooms, one L shaped and seats 100, smaller one better visibility of screens. She has been surveying students members (not just AI, all chapter student members) asking what they are looking for from ASMP SoFL.
 Richard: West Coast Committee, Kate has been in touch with Tom Carabasi at Ringling College and started discussions of doing events with them. Also we promoted (although last minute because of when the email was viewed) their Explorer of Light lecture Wed, Feb 6th on our Website, Facebook and email blast. So far ideas that have been touched on are 1. bringing the copyright seminar video over and having a viewing, 2. having upper level membership offer portfolio reviews for student members, and 3. having Ringling host LOF. Richard: 39 members on west coast. 16-17 are Ringling students. Most students seem to only do required events. However, other west coast members were super excited to hear from Richard. They don’t want to come over to the East coast for meetings but may will come for events and seminars. The idea of a Ft. Myers event was well received. Richard wants to do a pints and pixels in Ft. Myers in summer. Board members will try and come over for it.

15 minute Brainstorm/Q&A: In future meetings, we would like to take the last 15 minutes to brainstorm about new ideas for our chapter. Skipped because we did this throughout the meeting.

Close: 9:35pm

Extras: Richard Kelly Flyer:

Releases, Trademarks & Privacy Rights
Model & Property Releases, Trademarks, Privacy & Publicity Rights — we’ve all heard the urban legends; it’s time for the real story! Join ASMP past president Richard Kelly for an entertaining yet informative look at the facts surrounding these all-important issues. You’ll learn:
 when signed releases are (and aren’t) necessary
 what you can (and can’t) do with unreleased images
 what releases should cover
 what to do about trademarks that appear in your photographs
 how ASMP’s Releases App can help you get the job done
Packed with real-world tips and advice for getting your subjects comfortable with releases, this program will help you add value to your photographs and money to your pocket!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Social time starts at 6:00 PM
(Please allow sufficient time to park and walk to the Gallery located in the center of the University Campus.)

Gato Gallery, Thompson Hall 2nd Floor
Barry University, 11300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami Shores, FL     see a map

0.00 — ASMP Leader
25.00 — ASMP Member
50.00 — Non-member
40.00 — Professional Association member
10.00 — Student

The Speaker
Richard D. Kelly is a Pittsburgh-based corporate and industrial photographer who creates environmental portraits of real people in real places with real passions. His portraits have been published in Fortune, People, Adweek, USA Weekend and other magazines, and his photo essays have appeared in Parenting and Pittsburgh magazines. In addition, his images have been exhibited at Concept Art Gallery, the Nikon House, the United Nations and the Silver Eye Center for Photography.
Formerly the Director of Photography at WQED Multimedia, Richard is now the president of Indigo Factory, Inc, a multimedia production company. He is also a past president of ASMP and currently serves as member of the ASMP board of directors. He lives with his wife Jennifer Pesci-Kellyand daughter Grace Ann on Pittsburgh’s Southside.