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December 2012 Board Minutes

December 11, 2012

Kate Benson’s home

Biscayne Park, FL


Agenda/ Minutes Corrected

Call to Order:   ____7:16 pm________o’clock p.m.

Roll Call of Members:  Liz, Tom Salyer, Vincent, Kate, DGM

Meeting Chair: Liz

Others Present: Ron Glazer, Sabrina Vides, Alejandro Llaque, Gabby Pimental, Bill Walker, Kas Bernard & Katie Bernard, Lorraine Boogich


Reading and approval of last meeting’s minutes.  Not read nor approved


Treasury Report   

Tom Salyer, accounts confusing and in a mess. No checks have been written.  Voucher account is about $4500/year.  We have approx. $142 in receivables, $1830 outstanding bills from Copyright Seminar.  And $875 is in there but not sure what it is.  


Liz will ask National for extension to use 2012 funds allotted by National, in early 2013.  


Tom wants to keep a minimum of $1000 in bank.  


Old Business

Liz has secured a location at TYE studios for our meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  Owner, Donna Peplin has joined ASMP.  A motion was made by Liz and seconded to make TYE the official location.  Passed unanimously.


With 7 board members, 4 equals a quorum


Follow up on Copyright Seminar 


New Business


-Discussion was held regarding the Bill Cramer seminar on January 26, 2013.


-A motion was made to purchase a video camera, motion failed to get a second.


-A motion was made by Kate to do an audio podcast of our events so out of town members can listen.  The motion was seconded and passed (with Sid by proxy)


-Discussion was made about the ASMP South Florida Facebook page and who can post.  A motion was made and seconded but no vote was taken.


The meeting adjourned at 9 pm.