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Chris Odom: ASMP's Best for 2013

Chris Odom’s project Quantum Key West Live was selected from more than 300 submissions to be included in ASMP’s Best of 2013.


In 2009, Chris Odom pitched a simple yet ambitious concept to long-term corporate sailing clients. What they first considered too costly became a reality in 2012. Key West Race Week Live incorporates live photos, video and social media interactions streamed from an offshore racecouse, allowing land-bound viewers to keep up with the action on-screen.


“We hit some new frontiers and did it in a live environment where we shot, edited and color graded on location, which was integrated into daily on-site broadcasts,” Odom says. “By leveraging 4G bonded cellular technology and several existing distribution platforms, we provided a level of service that was previously unavailable.”


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