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Board Minutes February 2011

When: 7:00 PM Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Present in the Meeting:

Jorge Parra 

Matthew Pace

Tom Salyer

Sandy Levy

Sid Hoetzel

Cindy Seip
Scherley Busch
Ron Glazer
Terry Townsend

Joe Wolf

Benjamin Rusnack
David Ramos
Alexia Fodere
Antoine Heusse

Treasurer's report:

Currently in Bank $1310 however need to pay back balance of education grant from the women's conference which is roughly $800

Outstanding vouchers is $933.40

-The main focus of the Meeting was to introduce the General Plan for 2011-2012
and onwards, with emphasis in the creation of an Events Committee, an Educational Committee and a Community Outreach/ Liasson Committee. 

- Scherley Busch officially agreed to lead the Educational COmmittee

-Mathew Pace is going to lead the Exhibitions sub-commite, as part of the Events

-Sid Hoetzel agreed to Join the Board, and help with the Events Committe, along
with Ron Glazer and Cindy Seip.

Jorge Parra will head the Community Outreach Committee, stretching links with other organizations and local groups and businesses.

Going over chapter plan, mentions changes promotions/marketing ideas for Find A Photographer, the Production Paradise Ad for Chapter is already out, and we are ready to start blasting our potential clients.

We need update in Frehslists database.

Facebook, Twitter, Blog accounts need updating and keep current.

Set up for Next year Children's Trust Heart Gallery, Sid to make the contacts.

$4,785.00 is the budget we got from National for the year. Aprox $1500 per seminar. Means we need to find sponsors for other events.


Theme: Be a Professional… as a tool to recruit more more members.

Scherley to make contact with Ringlin School in Sarasota to get info from Jorge.
Joe makes suggestion to do Social event for March.
Shooting social?

Tom agreed to take Blog responsibilities.
Every board member can Blog,Tweet and post on FaceBook. Antoine will take care of websites, FAP, LOF and

Jorge suggests,"my Publisher" software to reprint LOF book samples to give to Sid and others, to further the search for sponsorship money for exhibitions and final book.

June deadline for LOF in Miami for Art Basel-related show. There are also other venues to pursue, starting with Key West Exhibition and party for 2012.

New call for images for "LOF 2.0"

Possible Sponsored events: Apple(ipad for photographers), Adobe, Epson

Social Open Screen Night to be on Wed. Night March 30th.

Sid to look into venue.

Rough schedule for activities:

Mar--Social/Fun Event/Hasseblad?
Apr--Copyright/Business/ Estimating Seminar
May-Metadata Seminar/adobe lightroom/photoshop
Jun--Slideshow social
Sept--Major Seminar (Chase Jarvis or equivalent)

Board agreed to work on speeding up the confirmation of dates for events asap.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 pm.