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Board Minutes December 2010

When: 7:00 PM Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Where: UVA Restaurant
6900 Biscayne Blvd #3
Miami, FL


Present: Jorge Parra (President), Matthew Pace (First Vice President), Tom Salyer (Treasurer), Sandy Levy (Board Member, Membership Chair), Benjamin Rusnak (Board Member), Scherley Busch, Antoine Heusse 

Absent: Aaron Ansarov (Second Vice President), David Ramos (Board Member), Alexia Fodere (Secretary)


Welcome and Introductions:

1. Old Business: skipped because we didn't have a copy of last minutes handy and just had a topic based agenda set by Jorge.


2. Treasurer's Report: $1610 in unused vouchers that may need to be used before Dec. 31. We also have roughly $1500 in the bank.


3. first topic Holiday Party (yeah or nay)----NAY Not enough time to organize. It was a greed to prepare a Start of Year event , by January the 20th.


4. Spend voucher money before year end: Spend some on the items we can prepay immediately(website and constant contact). Matt suggests prepay postcard mailers. Scherley disagrees on effectiveness of postcards. Jorge suggests mockup books of LOF project. Another suggestion is to give away memberships to educators and students. Consensus is that giving memberships away to students instead of educators due to the expense for the educators may be $225/each. so the idea is then to spend the extra money on a student fund to give away memberships through the educators.


5. Light of Florida(LOF) project is going to continue. We plan on making a Call For Additional Entries and need to obtain Hi-res images for printing for exhibition. Will keep looking for sponsorship for the Book.


6. Briefly discussed the Monthly Spotlight as promotion for the Chapter's members, and the need to be consistent. It was agreed to prepare one Spotlight/Promo per month.


7. Rough outline for the next 6 months:

Feb--Tech Seminar(Multimedia/Lightroom/etc)
Mar--Social/Fun Event/Hassablad?
Apr--Copyright/Business/ Estimating Seminar
May-Metadata Seminar
Jun--Slideshow social


8. Venues for meetings ad events:

Peter Langone Studio
Sid Hoetzl Studio
TYE Studios
Barry University
Art Institute
Luna Star Cafe


9. Meeting Adjourned at 9:35pm