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Board Minutes April 2011

When: 10:00AM - Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Present in the Meeting:

Jorge Parra 

Matthew Pace

Antoine Heusse
Sandy Levy
-Via Skype
Scherley Busch
Ron Glazer

Joe Woolf


Benjamin Rusnak
Tom Salyer
Robert Stolpe
Cindy Seip
Terry Townsend

10:28 AM Board Meeting Opens at Starbucks

Treasurer’s Report – we have $ 1424 in the bank, but must repay about $ 800 to national, the balance of

the education grant from the Women in Photography program last fall.


Old Business

Women’s Photographer Grant money needs to be returned with a report.  Bank changes coming around the corner.  Tom, Matthew, Jorge has information to submit report.  Tom needs to transfer the funds back to the ASMP Foundation.  Tom will issue a check.


Scherley – Educational Committee

Ringling?  Will formalize visit  there with Discussion Panel.

Barry University is a good venue for  Educational events.  

Creating Database of educators and contacting about ASMP SFL community

Programs to be starting in the fall. Open to more schools.

Grant for road trip to Ringling will be requested.  Jorge, Matthew, Scherley, Joe volunteer to do it.


Program to “how to create a marking plan, budget” still under discussion.

 Event Change – Seth Resnick changed program from Lightroom to the Business and future of photography.


Joe makes proposal for a speak out meeting – Sharing Experience and knowledge – Live Forum – Meet your solutions – Everyone has knowledge to share.


Sid to contact Heart Gallery of Miami – results unknown.  Jorge to send email reminder to Sid.


Check membership status of LOF 2.0  submissions. Use as tool to keep memberships.


New LOF submissions to come from Emerging Associates +

LOF Books pending, 1st week of May for call to action for high res 11x14@300dpi

Need a consent form created and posted on page with upload form.

Sid to give bid for printing of all files for exhibition LOF TO BE VOTED ON BY BOARD


New Business

Create new event for students to be sponsored by Think Tank, LiveBooks, etc. It can also be a Students section for "The Light of Florida" project, so the entire Chapter gets involved in the same initiative.

Events schedule for the Chapter before Summer:

April 30th: Apple Store- iMovie

May 26th-- Deanne Delbridge: Demistifying Image in Motion and Future trends

June 7th-- Walt Jones - CGI

June 24th- Seth Resnick: The Business of Photography in changing markets.  

Meeting adjourned at 12:30pm