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August 2013 Board Minutes

ASMP South Florida
Board of Directors’ Meeting
Tuesday, August 13, 2013
TYE Studios
3704 SW 30 Ave., Ft Lauderdale, Fl. 33312


Call to Order: 8:12 pm
Present: Liz Dawes-Ordoñez, , Ron Glazer, Tom Salyer, Kate Benson, Deborah Gray Mitchell, Vincent de Vries
Absent: Sid Hoetzell, Sandy Levy
Guests: Kafi Armstrong, Erin Stubbs, Garrin Evan, Julie Barrionuevo, Andriana Mereuta, Gaby Pimentel, Stephanie Ramirez-Angel, Terry Townsend, Donna Peplin


Last month minutes: Approved


Treasurers Report:
* Not received


New Business:
* Kate will post June 2013 meeting minutes


Blake Discher event will go ahead on Sept. 17, 2013 at Barry University pending a good price on plane tickets or Blake finding a good price on plane tickets. We have a fixed amount of money to do this. Kate will email or call Blake.


Liz proposed a yard sale of equipment for anyone who wants to sell or trade equipment, possibly October. It will be FREE to ASMP members. Julie will chair, Terry will be co-chair. Venue will be TYE Studios.


George Kamper — Liz will meet with George on Wed 8/14 to talk about putting together a program. Liz will chair, Gavin will co-chair.


Liz spoke to Gerard Murphy about doing a Lightroom Webinar for ASMP, FREE to ASMP members, $7.00 to non-members.


CGI will be moved to sometime in 2014.


Liz will send out an email for anybody who wants to Blog. All Blogs will have a disclaimer from ASMP.


Liz will investigate having the Seth Color event at the Delray Art Center or another venue in Delray.


December — ASMP will work with Soul Catchers and provide photographers for the event.


Old Business — none


Next meeting will be at TYE Studios on September 10, 2013.
Meeting adjourned 9:03


Meeting Protocol

Prior to the Meeting:

  • Post meeting date, time & location on calendar (Vincent)
  • Post on Facebook a PHOTO of previous meeting and with the meeting date, time & location
  • Send 3 email announcements to members via mass email: 7 days before, 1 day before, on the day of the meeting (Liz or person who motioned to move meeting location)
  • All members: Confirm you can use Skype to attend meeting and who you will link up with. Please don’t call Liz during the meeting
  • Confirm plans for refreshments


On the day of meeting:

  • All Board Members: Bring the meeting agenda emailed by Ron (Ron will NOT print copies)
  • Pick up refreshments (don’t forget ice) $50 budget (Donna if meeting at TYE)
  • Set up refreshments at venue
  • Set up tables & chairs
  • Set up directional signs
  • Write name tags for attendants
  • All Board Members: Take photos (with your phone if necessary) to use to promote next meeting


After the meeting:

  • Inform Donna if next meeting will or will NOT be held at TYE
  • Collect yard signs
  • Take directional signs with you if next meeting will not be at TYE
  • Make a note if name tags, paper goods or other items are running low
  • Put everything away in proper ASMP bins
  • Put chairs & tables away
  • Clean up