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April 2014 Board Minutes

ASMP Board of Directors Meeting

April 8th, 2014

TYE Studios 3704 SW 30 Ave., Ft Lauderdale, Fl. 33312




Board Members

Present: Liz Dawes Ordoñez, Tom Salyer, James Eisele, Gonzalo Villota, Deborah Gray Mitchell, Michael Cushman,

Absent: Sandy Levy, Vincent DeVries

Guests: Lorraine Boogich, Benjamin Rusnak, Joel Antoine, Diego Rodriguez, Matt Lagrotte, Azeez Bakare, Nancy Brown, Robylynne Whitcomb, and Frank Renert.


Old Business:

Officers Updates as of WED March 19th 2014

Board Member & Interim Treasurer in training - Gonzalo Villota (until he's ready to take on Vice-President responsibilities)

Board Member & Co-Secretary - Michael Cushman

Board Member & Co-Secretary - Steven Martine (official starting August 2014) 

Board Member & Web Administrator - James Eisele 


Treasury Report: Not received


New Business:

DAN FORER event Thursday April 22nd, Event Chair – Sandy Levy

- Deborah Gray Mitchell held proxy vote for Sandy. Sandy requested food during event is confirmed. Board had previously set a budget between $200- $250 for food. Tom Salyer has Costco & Publix the gift cards.

- Deborah will get refreshments for the event using gift cards, she will get them from Tom before the event.

- Sandy made the motion (via yahoo group prior to meeting) to set ticket cost: $0 ASMP and AIA members, $5 Student & Photo Associations with ID, and $10 for non-members. Liz seconds the motion. All board members in attendance in favor of motion. MOTION PASSED.

- Volunteers are needed for the event. Contact Liz Ordoñez if you are interested.

- EventBrite invitation needs to be made for the event. Liz and Michael will work together on creating it.

- Event needs a more clear title and tag line. The Board decided on the title: Secrets of Architectural Photography: for architects and photographers

- A poster will be made by Jim Eisele as PDF and JPG version for advertising the event.

- Gonzalo Villota suggested Dan Forer’s program is video taped and volunteered to edit the footage. Need approval from Dan. If Dan does allows recording, Tom Salyer will do sound, Pascal Dephul if he is available or Michael Cushman will record it.



Seth Resnick- Seeing Color- Rebroadcast in Palm Beach. June 3rd

-Liz wants to bring program to other creative groups: “it’s not only for photographers; anyone in the visual arts should see this”

-Ben & Steven Martine have been searching for a suitable location easily accessible to all and affordable for the chapter.

-Benjamin- speaking with Old School House Square (cost $500). Contact Bill Hayes at the Palm Beach Drama Works.

-James- Suggested the pavilion at the end of Clematis ($150 hour), 313 Clematis and will get contact information to contact the organizer. Also the Armory Art Center was mentioned.

-Deborah- Suggested the Theater on Clematis by the fountain may be a good location, and the Palm Beach Drama Works.



George Kamper- from big productions to small.

-Program will be held May 20th at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

-Call for images will be sent out to members: Send your behind the scenes photos to be played during the social time.



End of Season - summer kick-off ideas

Location and date to be announced.  Studio on Ives Dairy may be a possible location. Deborah will check. Call for photos may go out. Theme: Funny or Ironic



Fall Program Idea:  

“TEN” Portfolio Review  (1st annual?) - WHEN: FRI 10/10/2014?


- WHO: 10 Working pros to review student's work (invite students from other schools?)

- WHAT: 10 minutes per session (Plus 2 minutes to switch out yields roughly  = 100 time slots during 2 hours) Each student gets two, 10 min. reviews. If there are time slots open, participants can have their portfolio reviewed by a third pro.

-Possible Collaterals: Have sponsor(s) for prize(s) and have Pros select a winner of the "Annual ASMP So FL TEN Award"?, such as a camera or portfolio from XYZ Co.?

-Serve Refreshments



Discussion about chapter needing to buy Quicken software for Gonzalo to keep records since Tom uses it. Gonzalo stated it is not necessary with the current online banking capabilities.

Liz informed Gonzalo that voucher money held by National office must be used first, before spending chapter money in the bank because if we don’t use voucher funds, the unused portion is forfeited at the end of the year.