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April 2013 Board Minutes

ASMP South Florida
Board of Directors’ Meeting
Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Deborah Gray Mitchell’s House
7530 NE 8 Ave., Miami, Fl. 33138

Call to Order: 8:15 pm

Present:Liz Dawes-Ordonez, Debra Grey Mitchell, Tom Salyer,Kate
Benson, Vincent de Vries,Sandy Levy

Absent:Sid Hoetzell

GuestPascal Depuhi

Last month minutes:Approved

Treasurers Report:Tom Salyer reported that we have $931.58

Website Report:Vincent needs a volunteer to learn what he does.

Motion:Kate made a motion that she would like to do an ASMP Meet Up page.
It would cost $150.00 a year, 
Sandy seconded, Kate and Vincent will co-host the page.


Motion:Liz made a motion to make up ASMP outside event-signs so people can find the venue easier. There will be 11 signs total, we will be looking for sponsors, Calumet Photo in Ft.Lauderdale is a possible,  Sandy seconed the motion.

Vote:Passed, for signs, sponsor or not.

Motion:Sandy made a motion that in the future, for events,that General Members be admitted free.

Vote: Passed

  • Deborah will do the food for the Seth Resnick event.
  • Sandy will callto confirm to have one of our meetings at Aperture Studios most likely the June
  • Kate will send out a list so we all can make calls to members to promote upcoming events.
  • April 15, 2013 Pascals move to motion event
  • May 1, 2013Seth Resnick at Barry University


Old Business:  None

Adjourned at 10:44pm