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Alexandra Barberio

As a new member, what are you hoping to gain from joining ASMP?

As a new member of the ASMP, I hope to network and gain exposure. Specifically, it is my intent to learn more about the technical and business aspects of photography through assisting and speaking to other industry professionals.



Within your abilities, how can you add to the photographic community?

Since I was young, I have always thrived in creative environments and been attracted to whimsical and surreal artistic concepts. My photography style emphasizes these qualities in a unique way. Another element of my photography that I feel is important and contributes to great pictures is the interaction between photographer and model to achieve a desired look. Building a rapport with my models is based on establishing a friendly atmosphere that allows their personalities to shine through my photographs.



What keeps you passionate about being a photographic professional?

What keeps me passionate about being a photographic professional is knowing that photography is infinite. No matter how many pictures I take, there will always be another moment to capture, another trick to learn, and more tools to work with. Like the human mind, photography is constantly changing. I can see my progress with every picture. As a person who doesn't like to stay still, it's easy to stay passionate about photography because it grows with me.



Is there anything that you would like to share about your photographic endeavors/interests with the other members of ASMP?

I'm currently studying photography and I also intend to study art direction and copywriting. My goal is to gain experience and skill in these three areas as I pursue a career in advertising.